Tuesday, January 24, 2017

H.R. 7

Tonight, Tom Reed posted this on Facebook  - "With my support, the House passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. This legislation makes permanent the #HydeAmendment and blocks taxpayer money from being used to fund abortions."

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This is what I wrote about earlier today. 

Reed and the other republicans just took a HUGE step forward for the anti-abortion movement. One more way for the men in Congress to limit women's access to abortion and family planning, to deny us our right to control our own bodies, and to really punish poor women.

H.R.7 means that government funding cannot be used by any facility to cover abortion. And that government facilities cannot provide abortions. Most despicable is that now when women purchase health insurance, they can either pick a plan that offers coverage for abortion, OR they can receive the government subsidy appropriate to their income level. Most poor women (and men) get some amount of subsidy, but now if they want that lower monthly premium, they won't be covered if they need an abortion. Women also won't be able to use Medicaid money for abortions. Women who work for the government, military, or live in DC will now also be prohibited from receiving insurance coverage for abortions. And even further, there is a TAX on small business owners who provide insurance which include abortion coverage. 

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They'll all just need to scrape up the money to care for their bodies and defend their choice somewhere else. Or not. And poor women will be further impoverished by having children they can't care for, while the baby daddies bail out. Where are the bills attacking fathers who desert pregnant mothers? Where are the bills forcing prospective fathers to pay for the cost of abortion or pregnancy? Where are the laws and enforcements requiring men to face up to the fact that they too are involved in the creation of a pregnancy? The men of our Congress, including Tom Reed, don't seem to think these things are worth fighting for. They'd rather send a clear signal to women that our choices, needs, concerns, and lives simply don't matter. 

I'm pissed. I though I should try to not swear too much on this blog, but man, oh, man I sure want to. That Tom Reed voted for this is a direct assault on me and my rights, the rights of my stepdaughter, my cousins, my friends and their families. I will not stand for it. His vote does NOT represent me, and I am NOT okay with this action. 

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Here is part of the Republican committee's statement about H.R.7-- 
"H.R. 7 codifies policies enacted for more than thirty years on a case-by-case basis that prohibit federal funding of abortion including health insurance subsidized by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)....
H.R. 7 prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion or health plans that cover abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger. H.R. 7 prohibits abortions at facilities owned or operated by the federal government, and prevents federal employees from performing abortions within the scope of their employment.
H.R. 7 prohibits premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies authorized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) from being granted for health plans that include elective abortion coverage. H.R. 7 also prohibits small business tax credits authorized under PPACA for health plans offered by an employer that include elective abortion coverage."

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  1. We seniors -- even though we have already raised families -- DO NOT WANT YOU TO VOTE against Planned Parenthood funding. PP provides general care for millions of women who aren't as fortunate as your wife in being able to get private care. I know it makes great political fodder; but honest to god, you know your constituents. Except for Ithaca, are there few who are wealthy, who can really afford reproductive care? IT SHOULD BE THE GOVERNMENT'S ROLE TO PROVIDE FREE CARE FOR ALL. SHORT OF THAT, PLEASE LEAVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD ALONE. We seniors are scared, we're angry and we'll come looking for you next election and get you defeated if you don't pay more attention to your constituents than that bunch of clowns in DC. I marched for the end of the Vietnam War; I sat-in at a lunch counter in NC in 1963. And I AM NOT ALONE. YOU DO NOT WANT TO RILE UP SENIORS AGAINST YOU. THAT'S NOT A THREAT; THAT'S A PROMISE. LEAVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD ALONE