Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reed, Trump, and the Sinking Ship

As day after day more scandal and hypocrisy seethes out of the White House I can't help but wonder where the tipping point is. At what point do the Republicans who have been fawning over Trump finally realize that by sticking with him they are only hurting themselves? When do the rats finally bail on the sinking ship?

Tom Reed is under Trump's wing. He's been there from the beginning. And he seems ready to remain there until the end. According to this Buffalo News article Tom had a meeting with Trump today and left the meeting saying, "I am very confident after talking to the president personally and candidly that there's just nothing there on the Russia issue."

If you've been avoiding the news the past few days (and I don't blame you if you have, it's nauseating), then you should know that more and more lines are being drawn between the Trump administration and the Russian government. Everything is murky and unclear, and all these politicians are working overtime to cover their asses and play the innocent victim.

Image result for obama sanctions on russiaThe problem as I understand it is this: Back last fall, Russian hackers worked the various systems to influence the US election, specifically, fix the election for Trump. The CIA stated that this was accurate, though Trump denied it. It was a scandal! Sort of. Not really.

When I heard, I wondered why we didn't just call a mistrial and start over, so to speak. How can a foreign government's interference in our election be okay? But, not much was done about it. President Obama vowed sanctions. Meaning, the US kicked out of the country a bunch of Russian diplomats, closed two waterfront estates which Russian intelligence officers used for their "activities," and named some Russian intelligence agencies to be further targeted with sanctions. Right. Wow. If someone denied me access to my fancy waterfront estate (if I had one) that would sure teach me a lesson. Russia vowed to return their own sanctions.

Life went on for the rest of us, with or without our beach houses, but now we've got Trump, and here we are finding out that Michael Flynn, who was Trump's National Security Adviser for the first 24 days of the administration, was lying. He said he didn't, but turns out he did spend some time chatting up the Russian Ambassador about the Obama Administration's sanctions and the Russian retaliation sanctions. Maybe he told them not to create sanctions against the US, maybe he took money from them, maybe he was being blackmailed, maybe who the hell knows what he said? But the result was that Putin decided he wouldn't put any sanctions on the US. What a coincidence!

Image result for trump great move on delay
Flynn says he's really sorry, but he gave "incomplete information" in saying that he didn't talk to the Russians during the campaign or the transition. Trump, via Kellyanne Conway said the administration had "full confidence" in Flynn. Several hours later, Flynn resigned.

The Trump folks are insistent that Flynn's lies and hypocrisy are not the problem here. The problem is the criminal act of leaking this information to the press, which is all apparently a Democratic conspiracy.

Pay no attention to the man behind the lies, it's the puppy that should be locked up for sliding the curtain aside to reveal him.

After all this, we come back to Tom. He's pleased with where he's at. "When the president of the United States gives you an hour of his time, it's vitally important. We were focused on the broader agenda, on long-term relationship building," said Tom in the Buffalo News article. That's right, who cares about a pesky thing like lying government officials or a foreign country fixing our election, when you have the chance to sit across from the King of Lying himself and take a lesson. I hope that Reed does indeed build a long-term relationship with Trump. and when the ship goes down, which it will, they can cling to each other's rat tails to keep from drowning.


  1. "Collins, in a statement, said the president spoke about the importance of quickly passing legislation funding his infrastructure program, reforming health care and reforming the tax code." But what the substance and value of those proposals might be neither Trump, Collins, or Reed is able to say.

  2. 1. Nobody likes it when someone takes their stuff away. No one denied access to a facility shrugs and says, "Whatever." What motivates us to take to the streets? For one thing, the GOP's feverish desire to defund Planned Parenthood, thereby denying people of limited means access to healthcare. We're plenty PO'd about that, even those of us for whom the family planning issue is now moot.

    2. As you noted, possibly with sarcasm (it was hard to tell), those weren't just "beach houses," they were US headquarters for Russian intelligence agencies. Cutting off access to longstanding, well-equipped facilities in two very strategic locations is in fact a setback for Russia's fast-track plans to manipulate our new president. Sending diplomats home is no joke in foreign policy circles and further hamstrings Putin's agenda.


    1. It takes less than 10 minutes on Google to check your facts. Failure to do so raises the risk of being wrong and undercuts the impact of your message.

    2. Don't beat up President Obama. We've all had it up to the eyebrows with the second-guessing and Monday quarterbacking surrounding #44. And many of us still like him very much, so you risk alienating people you should be working with. Instead, keep your eyes on the real prize: a tsunami of Democratic wins in DC and the statehouses in '18 and the swift return of Donald John Trump to civilian life.

    I know it's a thrill to be called bad-assed, but don't sacrifice effectiveness in search of peer approval.

    1. Thanks for your perspective, Unknown. I did plenty of fact checking and linked to several articles I used. There was indeed a lot of sarcasm in this piece, and I didn't write it to be called "bad-ass." I wrote it because I am a writer, this topic is intriguing to me, and I wanted to show the connections between Trump, Russia, and Reed, as I understand it.

      I too still like President Obama very much. But he was not infallible, nor did he always do everything he could. I'm not beating him up here, just pointing things out as I see them.

      I'm not exactly sure what you're upset about in this post, but in the future, please use your name, and try to avoid giving "lessons." It's condescending.

      Thanks for stopping by to read.

    2. In this case Unknowns identity isn't hidden. The problem is with your website, Amanda--first time comments are labeled as Unknown.

    3. Ah, yes, William, I see now that I can click on the link and it goes to Claudia's Google page. Thanks.