Thursday, May 4, 2017

Same Old Pre-existing Lies

I'm disgusted. They just don't seem to get it, do they? Health care is a human right. No one should have to hold a chicken BBQ to raise money for to pay for hospital bills for their child dying of cancer. This new so-called Republican health care Bill will force more people to have to do just that.

I've already written about the massive hypocrisy of these Republicans rushing their Bill through in mere days and about their efforts to sever women's access to all abortion care, but we've reached new levels of low today. And yes, no big surprise, Tom Reed is right on board.

The CBPP notes that this Bill will take us backward in time. They say, "Just like before the ACA, insurers could discriminate based on medical history, eliminate coverage for key health services, and impose annual and lifetime limits on benefits..." Before the ACA, insurance companies could pick and choose who they wanted to insure based on their own criteria.

If we go back to that, it means if you have a pre-existing condition, a condition you had before you purchased health insurance, then the insurance companies can choose to deny you coverage, if they want, on a whim. Because to them, you're just a $. To you of course, it's your life, or the life of your husband or child or grandmother.

So what are some pre-existing conditions which can cause you to be denied coverage?

Additionally, let this soak in... If you are PREGNANT, you can be denied coverage. You might be just too risky/expensive/problematic a case for them to want to pay your bill.

I didn't even bother to research if birth control is covered. I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

I feel like vomiting. I feel like swearing. Instead, I stopped in at Tom Reed's office today, joining the good people of Planned Parenthood and many other citizens, to share our perspective about this horrible new health care plan in general, and the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood in particular.

Reed's staffer listened, though he didn't take many notes. His eyes seemed to glaze over a bit as people spoke, but he seemed to attempt to listen. He didn't have any answers, other than Reed supports this new bill, and really doesn't want to see any money go to any organization that has anything to do with abortions. It's just the same old pre-existing lies and hypocrisy he and the rest of the GOP spew out daily.

Considering that women are really the only ones who get pregnant, or have a C-section, or suffer postpartum depression, and are the primary victims of domestic violence and rape, it seems to me that this health care bill is just one more way for the white men of Washington to take out their anger and aggression on women, particularly low-income or uninsured or uneducated women.

They don't want abortions to happen, yet they don't support women having control over their sexual choices and family planning. They don't even want to support women who choose to have a pregnancy, intended or not! Less birth control means more unintended pregnancies. Why do these men hate women so much? Why do they want to keep us powerless and quiet and suffering? Why do they feel it is their right to decide what women do with and how they care for their bodies?

What is wrong with them?

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