The initial idea for this blog was to focus solely on New York's 23rd District Congressman Tom Reed and keep up with his votes, actions, and news. The goal was to shine a spotlight on a Representative who does not represent me, nor many of the people in my community, with hopes of rallying the momentum to oust him in the next Congressional election in 2018.

But there is a lot more to talk about than just Tom Reed. So much of what progressives have worked for for so long is being systematically dismantled by the Republican party and the so-called 45th President of the United States. It is scary and disheartening. It is easy to become reactive. And while I and the other writers on this site will continue to call out the hypocrisy we see, we also will focus on what we can build and create and make stronger. 

We welcome civil, thoughtful discourse in the comments section of each post. Please tell us what you think! However, any hateful, obscene, or generally inappropriate messages will not be published.

Amanda Jaros-Champion organized the Women's March on Ithaca, and there found her love of political activism. She is a freelance writer, full-time mother, and a whole bunch of other things. 

~ Louise A. Blum is a novelist and essayist living in Corning, NY. She is the author of the memoir, You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? A Lesbian in Small-Town America, and Amnesty, a novel. Her essay "Faith on the Front Lines," about her participation in the We Are Seneca Lake blockades, is forthcoming in the Spring 2017 issue of the Utne Reader. She writes about family, sexuality, activism and the environment and is currently working on a novel about the effects of fracking on one small town in rural Pennsylvania.

Lauren Faessler has been an educator in Central and Southern New York for 25 years. She earned a doctorate in 2014 and stopped writing then and there. The 2016 election has somehow changed that too.

~ Peter Keenan and his wife Sarah live on the Southside of Elmira with their children Leo, Ollie, and Charlie. Peter has 20 years experience working in the non-profit human service field working with individuals with developmental disabilities/mental health diagnosis, inmates re-entering society, and at risk youth

~ Sarah Posegate lives in Ithaca, NY with her husband, Russell, and three children. She enjoys a well placed expletive, satirical news shows, and knitting.

~ Mike Titlebaum is Associate Professor at Ithaca College, where he serves as Director of Jazz Studies in the School of Music. He is also a parent and resident in New York’s 23rd Congressional district.

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